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The liberating potential of rights-based social policy, İstanbul Planning Agency and İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality (2022)

The why, what and how of private sector engagement in healthcare governance, World Health Organization's Health Systems, Governance and Financing Webinar (2021)

Multiple faces of informality in employment and the limits of social protection response to the pandemic: Insights from Istanbul, Social Policy Association UK Annual Conference (2021)

Contextual analysis of an internal market for health care provision: a qualitative exploratory study on the patient experiences in Turkey, Koç University, College of Social Sciences and Humanities Seminar Series (2020)

A critical analysis of dominant ideas underpinning contemporary social policy trends: Problem formulations and policy solutions, Social Policy Association UK Annual Conference (2019)

Disability policy changes in Turkey in the last decade: welfare expansion without rights-based approach?, The Nordic Network on Disability Research (2019)

The politics of health care reform in Turkey: the interplay among institutional legacies, ideas, and actors, University of York, Department of Social Policy and Social Work (2018)

Putting cash transfers in humanitarian settings in a domestic policy and humanitarian response context, World Conference on Humanitarian Studies (2018)

The politics of healthcare reform in Turkey, Bogaziçi University, Department of Political Science and International Relations (2018)

Exploring the rise of regulatory challenges to state regulation of the Turkish healthcare sector in the age of extensive private sector activity, Social Policy Association UK Annual Conference (2018)

An analysis of cash transfer scheme for Syrian refugees in Turkey at the nexus of humanitarian response and domestic social policy development, University of Manchester (2017) (with Talita Cetinoglu)

The welfare of Syrian Refugees in Turkey: An overview of social policy and humanitarian aid response, University of Manchester, Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (2017)

Youth welfare policy in Turkey in comparative perspective: A case of 'denied youth citizenship', 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association (2017)

Denied citizens of Turkey: Experiences of discrimination among LGBT individuals in employment, housing and health care, University of Bristol, School for Policy Studies (2017)

Changing origins of inequalities in access to health care services in Turkey, King's College London, Department of International Development (2016)

A critical analysis of the contemporary health policies in Turkey: common trends and missing links, Reproductive Health Working Group (2016)

Understanding the politics of health care: The case of healthcare reform in Turkey within a comparative framework, Koç University, Social Science Seminars (2012)

The political economy of disability in Turkish welfare regime, European Consortium for Political Research 3rd Graduate Conference (2010)

Social assistance in Turkey: on the margins of redistributive justice?, Loughborough University, Center for Research in Social Policy (2009) (with Burcu Yakut Çakar)

All that is common melts into air: neoliberalization of urban land regime in Turkey, ISSC World Social Science Forum (2009)

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