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Externally-funded research & consultancy

Principal investigator

Smart European Regions (SMART-ER) Seed Programme - European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU). Reversing inequalities and promoting solidarity in health at the European Level: Towards a research network on the European Health Union (RN4EUHEALTH) (with Meri Koivusalo from Tampere University, Xavier Ballart from Autonomous University of Barcelona and Gonçalo Santinha from University of Aveiro). (2022-2023) 

Social Policy Association (United Kingdom) - Opportunity Grant. The contemporary forms of familialism in social policy: New challenges and future tasks (with Theo Papadopoulos from the University of Bath and Antonios Roumpakis from the University of York). (2022-2023)

Research Initiatives Fund - Dublin City University. The European Union's health policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic. (2022-2023)

İstanbul Planning Agency - İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Disability rights strategy for İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality (with Anıl Gencelli from İstanbul Planning Agency). (2022) 

British Academy Newton Advanced Fellowship. Regulatory initiatives and challenges in pluralistic healthcare systems (with Susan F. Murray and Ben Hunter from King's College London, and Püren Aktas from Bogaziçi University). (2018-2020)

British Academy Newton Mobility Grant. A study of contesting discourses of sexual and reproductive health care policies in Turkey in a comparative perspective (with Paul Willis from University of Bristol). (2017-2018)

Delegation of the European Union to Turkey, Turkish Family Health and Planning Foundation, and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Platform-Turkey. Monitoring report on sexual and reproductive health services before and during the pandemic. (2020-2021)

Bogaziçi University Research Fund. Exploring the characteristics and limits of the welfare mix for Syrian refugees in Turkey from the perspective of humanitarian workers (with Ayse Meryem Gürpınar Akbulut from Bogaziçi University). (2017)

Raoul Wallenberg Institute and Research Worldwide Istanbul. Strengthening disability studies in Turkish universities (with Nazlı Avsaroglu, Anıl Gencelli and Begüm Özcan from Bogaziçi University). (2017-2020)

WHO Turkey office. Disability and social care legislation review for Turkey. (2019) (with İdil Isıl Gül from İstanbul Bilgi University)

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Istanbul and Local Monitoring, Research and Practice Assocation. Municipalities' guide to alternatives in social and economic support programme development at times of disaster (with Ogulcan Yediveren from Bogaziçi University). (2021)

Sabancı Foundation. Qualitative assessment of the impact of disability rights NGOs on policymaking in Turkey. (with Anıl Gencelli from Boğaziçi University) (2017-2018)

Bogaziçi University. Social and economic problems of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons in Turkey. (with Dr. İpek Göçmen and Cansu Atlay) (2014-2015)

Consulate General of Sweden in Istanbul and Human Rights in Mental Health Initiative. Mental health policies in Turkey from the perspectives of human rights and comparative social policy: Findings and recommendations. (2012)


HORIZON 2020, ETHOS. Towards a European Theory of Justice and Fairness (funded by the European Union Horizon2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 727112) (with Başak Akkan, Ayse Bugra, Anıl Gencelli and Batuhan Yüzüak from Bogaziçi University). (2017-2020)

Framework 7, POWER2YOUTH. A Comprehensive Approach to the Understanding of Youth Exclusion and the Prospects for Youth-led Change in the South and East Mediterranean (funded under the European Union's 7th Framework Programme) (with Nurhan Yentürk, Pınar Gümüş and Burcu Oy from Bogaziçi University). (2014-2017)

ILO Turkey office. Social dialogue in the working life in Turkey: The viewpoints of the general public, employees and relevant actors. (with Fikret Adaman and Ayse Bugra from Bogaziçi University, Aziz Çelik from Kocaeli University and Alpkan Birelma from Özyegin University). (2017-2018)

Istanbul Bilgi University. Public Expenditures Monitoring Platform for Turkey. (with Nurhan Yentürk from Istanbul Bilgi University). (2010-2015)

UNDP Turkey office. Regional Human Development Report: The Case Study of Income and Social Inequalities in Turkey (with Ayse Bugra, Yasemin Taşkın, Zeynep Berra Dodurka, Başak Akkan and İpek Göçmen from Bogaziçi University, Alpkan Birelma from Özyegin University and Burçak Gürsoy from Beykoz University). (2016)

European Commission. Academic Network of European Disability Experts. (2013-2016)

UNDP Turkey office. A background study on the policy options for reforming social services in Turkey. (with Berna Yazıcı and Çagri Boymul from Bogaziçi University). (2011)

The General Directorate for the Social Assistance and Solidarity, The Republic of Turkey. Research project for the development of a cash transfer program for divorced and widowed women in Turkey (with Semsa Özar, Burcu Yakut Çakar, Pınar Gümüs and Aslı Orhon from Bogaziçi University). (2010)

Bogaziçi University. Established inequalities in Turkey: search for a comprehensive conceptual framework (with Aysen Candas, Burcu Yakut Çakar and Sevda Günseli from Bogaziçi University). (2009-2010)

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