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Academic publications

Journal article: Turkish lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or trans persons’ perceptions of their own ageing: contesting the exclusionary care regime?

Journal article: Insurance-based disparities in breast cancer treatment pathways in a universal healthcare system: a qualitative study

Journal article: No common ground? Public knowledge about welfare spending in Turkey and its social divisions (2022)

Journal article: A rights-based critique of the Turkish mental healthcare reform: deinstitutionalisation without independent living? (2022)

Journal article: Rethinking Universal Health Coverage: A qualitative study of patient organisation perspectives on the Turkish health-care system (2021)

Book chapter: A human rights critique of contemporary social policy paradigms: New behaviourism, social investment and new universalism (2021)

Book chapter: The contemporary politics of health in Turkey: Diverse actors, competing frames, and uneven policies (2021)

Journal article: The making of a global medical tourism destination: from state-supported privatisation to state entrepreneurialism in healthcare in Turkey (2021)

Journal article: Exploring patient experiences of the internal market for healthcare provision in Turkey: publicness under pressure (2021)

Journal article: A contextual policy analysis of the cash programme in a humanitarian setting: the case of the Emergency Social Safety Net (2021)

Journal article: Challenges to a rights-based approach in sexual health policy: a comparative study of Turkey and England (2020)

Journal article: An examination of disability and employment policy in Turkey through the perspectives of disability non-governmental organisations and policy-makers (2020)

Journal article: The emerging welfare mix for Syrian refugees in Turkey: the interplay between humanitarian assistance programmes and the Turkish welfare system (2019)

Journal article: Introduction: Social Policies and Social Inequalities in Contemporary Turkey (2018)

Book: The Politics of Healthcare Reform in Turkey (2017)

Journal article: Youth welfare policy in Turkey in comparative perspective: a case of ‘denied youth citizenship' (2017)

Journal article: Exploring perceived discrimination among LGBT individuals in Turkey in education, employment, and healthcare: results of an online survey (2017)

Journal article: Denied citizens of Turkey: experiences of discrimination among LGBT individuals in employment, housing and healthcare


Journal article: Changing origins of inequalities in access to health care services in Turkey: from occupational status to income (2013)

Book: The Political Economy of Disability in Turkey: Disability and Social Policy Reform in Turkey (2011)


Monitoring report on sexual and reproductive health services in Turkey before and during the pandemic (2020)

Perception on social dialogue in Turkey: the viewpoints of general public, employees and relevant actors (2018)

Regional Human Development Report: the case study of income and social inequalities in Turkey (2016)


Turkey: an entrepreneurial healthcare state?, Unsettling Healthcare (2021)

Why politics and social policy matter for shaping humanitarian assistance?, The Social Policy Blog (2019)

Unequal Turkey under construction, Middle East Research and Information Project (2018)

Private profit versus public welfare: can they be reconciled in the internal healthcare market?, Unsettling Healthcare (2018)

Is universal health coverage possible without strong public presence in its provision?, Policy & Politics Journal Blog (2017)

The new constitution of Turkey: a blessing or a curse for LGBT citizens?, Turkish Policy Quarterly (2013)

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