Academic publications

Chapter: A Human Rights Critique of Contemporary Social Policy Paradigms: New Behaviourism, Social Investment and New Universalism

Chapter: The Contemporary Politics of Health in Turkey: Diverse Actors, Competing Frames, and Uneven Policies  

Journal article: A rights-based critique of the Turkish mental healthcare reform: deinstitutionalisation without independent living? (Early view)

Journal article: The making of a global medical tourism destination: from state-supported privatisation to state entrepreneurialism in healthcare in Turkey (Early view)

Journal article: Exploring patient experiences of the internal market for healthcare provision in Turkey: publicness under pressure (Early view)

Journal article: A contextual policy analysis of the cash programme in a humanitarian setting: the case of the Emergency Social Safety Net (Early view)

Journal article: Challenges to a rights-based approach in sexual health policy: a comparative study of Turkey and England (2020)

Journal article: An examination of disability and employment policy in Turkey through the perspectives of disability non-governmental organisations and policy-makers (2019) (Early view)

Journal article: The emerging welfare mix for Syrian refugees in Turkey: the interplay between humanitarian assistance programmes and the Turkish welfare system (2019) (Early view)

Journal article: Unequal Turkey under construction (2018)

Journal article: Introduction: Social Policies and Social Inequalities in Contemporary Turkey (2018)

Book: The Politics of Healthcare Reform in Turkey (2017)

Journal article: Youth welfare policy in Turkey in comparative perspective: a case of ‘denied youth citizenship' (2017)

Journal article: Exploring perceived discrimination among LGBT individuals in Turkey in education, employment, and healthcare: results of an online survey (2017)

Report: Regional Human Development Report: the case study of income and social inequalities in Turkey (2016)

Journal article: Denied citizens of Turkey: experiences of discrimination among LGBT individuals in employment, housing and healthcare


Journal article: Changing origins of inequalities in access to health care services in Turkey: from occupational status to income (2013)

Book review: Shared Responsibility, Shared Risk: Government, Markets and Social Policy in the Twenty-First Century (2013)

Book: The Political Economy of Disability in Turkey: Disability and Social Policy Reform in Turkey (2011)

Book review: NGOs and the Millennium Development Goals: Citizen Action to Reduce Poverty (2008)